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The Publisher just got a major update!

October 2nd, 2018

The Publisher just got a major update!

Our developers have been working hard to bring you improvements and new services on CGTrader. Just in the last month, we have rolled out several great updates: 3D model collections, 3D Projects.

Now, the time has come to unveil the new 3D model Publisher! Find out what’s new: watch our video and read this post!

Single page 3D model publishing

The Publisher lets you upload your files, name and describe models, set and rearrange preview images – all in a single page. You can also drag & drop your files on the whole page.

The best model tag suggestions

Our system uses AI image recognition algorithms and marketplace data to suggest the best tags for your model. Choose the ones you find the most relevant and don’t forget to add your own tags. We recommend adding at least 10 tags, but keep in mind that the best-selling models on CGTrader have 15–20 tags. Hover over the real-time Publishing Score to get more tips and recommendations.

Real-time Publishing Score

You can see your Publishing Score in real time! This helps you improve your asset on the go and make sure you have the best upload from the start. Hover over the Score to see tips how to improve it. The Publishing Score is shown at the top and/or bottom of your Publisher window.

Other improvements

There are many other improvements to the Publisher. Here are some notable ones:

  • Sort multiple images – you can sort several images at once.
  • Preview drafts at any time – see how every change affects your product.
  • Markdown in the description – make your descriptions bold or organize the information into a list.
  • Marmoset, Vimeo and YouTube previews are now easier to add.
  • The same Publisher works for both CG and 3D print models.
  • Correctly indicated Materials, Textures and Plugins are automatically added to the technical details section of the product.

Go to the Publisher right now and try it out!

Update (November, 2018):

  • You can now expand the description field to see more text and have easier access to text-editing.
  • Markdown is also improved in Publisher/Collections/Templates.


Tell us what you think!

BlenderMatthew wrote
Another amazing improvement, thanks for so many new features CGT Team!
RDC-Assets wrote
Thank you CGTrader for this update, looks very clean!
zabotlama wrote
Awesome, how fast the new features are released here on CGT, on other market artists are begging for this without success. ))
GamePoly wrote
Would love to get it to work, but i get a Upload failed everytime i upload my Textures.rar.. Old system just worked, now it doesn't :)
eduardas wrote
Sickleadz - wrote you a PM, will try to find the source of the problem asap!
alienworld wrote
I have a problem with embeds. I adding Marmoset viewer in embeds list but it not showing up in to product page.
eduardas wrote
alienworld - we'll try fixing that asap.
weeray wrote
Hi. Great work. By the way I cannot find the "Native" option for the Blender file
eduardas wrote
Hi everyone - little update, Alienworld - embeds should all be represented in your product pages now. weeray - that's a good catch and it's related to archived items (we do let single files be chosen as native, but that seems not to be the case with archived software). We'll be fixing that as well.
momuno wrote
nice update!!!! but i have this problem, i get a Upload failed everytime i upload a 3d model
Serhatakgl wrote
I can't load "Texture.rar" What is the reason?
eduardas wrote
Hi again everyone, We've issued a fix on uploading process - you should be seeing the "processing" message a bit longer, but with way less failures and better upload time. If any of you still receive uploading errors, feel free to drop me a PM any time.
Gnarly3DKustoms wrote
This totally makes thing a whole lot faster, it's amazing!!! Great work CGT Team!!!
karlu wrote
Improved publishing.
mpaine777 wrote
Awesome interface