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Introducing the new CGTrader 3D Projects platform for all freelance work

September 25th, 2018

Introducing the new CGTrader 3D Projects platform for all freelance work

We have taken your valuable feedback and launched a major update to the freelance 3D Projects platform on CGTrader!

CGTrader 3D Projects is an easy to use 3D freelancing platform. It provides a dedicated private 3D-friendly work space for customers and designers at the leading 3D model marketplace. The inexpensive and highly specialized platform has been gaining more attention over the years, and, as more people and businesses collaborated on various design work and shared their experience and expectations, we were working to improve it.

We kept the elements you liked the most, like the minimal Project listing page, which contains visual references, budget, time estimates and software requirements, while we improved the Project management workflow. Now, it takes only a couple of clicks for a designer on CGTrader to apply to any Project or for customers to review their applicats' portfolios on the site. This streamlined experience lets everyone take full advantage of CGTrader 3D Projects.

Hire a 3D designer on CGTrader

Finding a 3D designer on CGTrader is easy. You can connect with designers through the Hire Me function in their profiles or you can get dozens of qualified candidates by posting a 3D Project. Our platform offers these benefits for hiring:

  • No listing fee – posting 3D Projects is completely free.
  • Targeted community – with thousands of qualified 3D professionals, CGTrader is the best place for your Project.
  • Guaranteed quality – we are ready to solve any issues with an ongoing Project and make sure you have results on time.
  • Easy to choose – designers already have their portfolios on CGTrader, and reviewing your applicants is as easy as visiting their profile pages.

Freelance on CGTrader

We created CGTrader 3D Projects as a specialized platform exclusively for 3D work – you will not waste any time scrolling through any unrelated postings on the platform. We are offering you the chance to work with clients from around the world and take advantage of these benefits:

  • The highest royalties in the freelance industry – 95% !
  • Payment security and assurance – every Project budget is prepaid by the client.
  • Make a name for yourself – finished Projects earn reputation points and elevates your status on CGTrader.

Bring your freelance work to CGTrader

As a designer, you can also easily move your work to CGTrader 3D Projects by using the 'Invite a Client' option and sending an invitation to your clients. To use this option, select 'Create a Project' in the 3D Projects menu and click the 'Invite a client' tab above the 3D Project form. When a client accepts the invitation and prepays for the budget, a private 3D Project will be created with its own work space, where you will be able to share references, work progress and feedback. Enjoy the security of our escrow service and save time by taking advantage of our automated contracts and invoicing.


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Sounds delicious :)
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Looks good!
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sounds good, keep it up.
DDGames wrote
Very nice .. and i hope sometimes you add a section for 2d designes :) there is no 3d designer isn't very very good with 2d designing and am not talking about professionals animations characters art everything they can post like 3D models too !! They will sell and make money and you will get your fees too and make money :) and the website will be more famous because you have 2d and 3d .. thank .. Kind regards
mpaine777 wrote
Great to know
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